Established Patients

To prepare for your medication management visit, please make sure that you:

For returning therapy patients, please click here.

For Telehealth patients, please click here.

For new patients:
1. Print and fill out our Medication Reconciliation Form
2. Print and fill out our Review of Systems Form
3. Print and fill out our Patient Health Questionnaire
4. Print and fill out our Controlled Substances Treatment Agreement
5. Read our Medication Management FAQs

For returning patients:
1. Print and fill out our Review of Systems Form

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Returning Therapy Patients

                 At Mid-Altantic Behavioral Health, we are committed to supporting the growth of our patients. One of the ways we do this is by tracking symptoms over time and collecting data on outcomes for our patients. We also do this by encouraging our patients to be active participants in their treatment and partner with us in an effort to maximize the benefits of our work together. 

Please be sure to complete and submit the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 before each appointment



Thank you for GROWING with us!


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