Telemedicine is the use of technology within a clinical, healthcare setting, whether it be electronic medical records, patient education resources or video-chatting.

As a healthcare innovation leader, Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health uses various forms of telemedicine to provide care and information for our patients and their families, including the use of teleconferencing for medication management and therapy appointments with select providers.

All communications are provided via a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing program. During these appointments, the patient and provider connect remotely; you are welcome to complete your visit from any private, safe location within the state of Delaware. We are unable to complete your visit if you are physically located outside the state of Delaware at the time of your visit due to state laws and licensing requirements.

Please note that teleconferencing is not available with all providers and may not be the most appropriate delivery form for you; please discuss with your provider or the scheduling office.

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Telepsychiatry is the use of telemedicine services within psychiatry, providing assessment and medication management service via teleconferencing.

You will present to the office for your initial psychiatric evaluation, during which appointment we will complete basic intake paperwork, baseline vital signs and other standards of care. After this initial in-office appointment with your prescriber, and once you and your prescriber agree to transition to home-visits, you may complete follow- up appointments from home. You will be asked to return to the office for updated vital signs and screenings once every 3-6 months.

Current Telepsychiatry Providers:

Ellin Wade, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Jack Patterson, MSN, PMHNP-BC


Teletherapy incorporates teleconferencing to provide therapy services for patients and families. 

Current Teletherapy Providers:

Eileen Starr, LCSW

To prepare for your appointment:

You will receive a text message and email confirming your appointment a few days ahead of time. Following the instructions in the message, test your connection prior to starting your session.

We recommend using an updated system (phone, tablet, PC) that is not a public device. Please use the most reliable connection to access the Internet (wired connection where available).

Thank you for growing with us!  We encourage our patients to be active participants in their treatment and partner with us in an effort to maximize the benefits of our work together. One of the ways we do this is by tracking symptoms over time to share your progress with you and help develop the most efficient and effective treatment plan for clients on an individualized basis.

Preparing for follow-up visits

To make the most of your appointment time, please be sure to complete and submit the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 before each appointment so that your provider has the information to discuss with you at the time of your appointment. 

Medication management patients please also complete the Review of Symptoms form before each appointment.

Please note that these forms are encrypted and secure; however, they will not be reviewed prior to your scheduled appointment and should not be used to convey an emergency situation, nor will they constitute a disclosure.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Telepsych or Teletherapy?

  • Convenience: no need for cancellations related weather concerns, limited transportation or child-care, limit your time away from work or home responsibilities
  • Privacy: reduces the barrier of stigma, no concern for running into someone you know in the waiting room
  • Effectiveness

Are Telepsych and Teletherapy effective?

The evidence supports the use of telepsychiatry in both adult and child/adolescent populations, across a range of populations/diagnoses/settings. Research supports the ability to establish therapeutic rapport with patients and families via telepsychiatry and outcomes equivalent to in-person care.

Are Telepsych and Teletherapy secure?

Yes. All communications are provided via a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing program called MEND. As the patient, you will have your own MEND account that allows you to join the visit.

Are Telepsych and Teletherapy covered by insurance?

We accept the following insurance plans for telehealth services: DE Medicaid Plans, some BCBS, United Health, some Aetna plans. In all cases, please confirm coverage with your insurance company, as coverage varies by plan. Please contact us for additional information.



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