Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health is the premier psychological testing and psychiatric assessment provider in the region. Our licensed psychologists and psychiatrists collect data from clinical interviews and a variety of standardized test instruments to provide comprehensive reports to allow patients, parents, schools, hospitals, treatment providers, other medical providers, attorneys and others better understand an individual’s functioning in order to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. 

Some common purposes for assessment include; learning and attention problems, neuropsychological disorders, post concussion/ traumatic brain injury, dementia, social emotional functioning, personality development, behavioral problems, disability, developmental disorders including the autistic spectrum, court ordered or legal issues (criminal and civil), and more.

Testing for:

  • learning and attention
  • social emotional function
  • personality development
  • behavioral problems
  • disability
  • developmental disorders
  • autistic spectrum
  • court / legal issues
  • neuropsychological disorders
  • post concussion/ traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • dementia 

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As a convienence to our patients we encourage you to review policies and complete your new patient paperwork at home and bring it with you to your first appointment. 
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